About Rose

“What I’ve learned from Rose supports me with any situation, from mundane to my deepest spiritual goals. The result is that I am more healthy and happy, and my service to others is more helpful and heartfelt.”

For over 30 years I have coached and mentored individuals and groups including coaches, speakers, leaders, therapists,   to continuously uplevel their excellence.

I’ve been executive director of an international non-profit, national coordinator of a Latin American educational network, Educational Materials Review Chair, US National Networks Coordinator, Faculty Chair of an International Faculty and other positions. I love strategic planning and I’ve designed application, selection and training programs. I’ve “trained  trainers” around the US and overseas. I’ve also been International Faculty for the Educational Kinesiology Foundation since 1987.

With strong training in neuroscience, transformational bodywork, energy work, movement based education, my secret weapon is mind-body connections for personal and professional change. My programs are designed to teach you to create and develop sustainable, profitable businesses, for practical long lasting results that also enhance mind, body, spirit, and emotions in your personal and professional life.

I mentor business and professional women (and a few men!) to build a solid heart based business aligned with your Life Purpose, so that you can do well financially while you are sharing your gifts.

In my private mentoring program, we develop your business structure, and a step-by-step plan to develop and market your business,  so that you can work smart and profitably without burning out.

One unique feature of my  programs is learning to use your Intuition, balanced with Logic, as one of  your reliable business tools, so that you make great business decisions quickly and get better results.

Indecision is a huge time waster! Constant decision making can be frustrating, stressful, and can cause anxiety and self-doubt.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.


We are all born with powerful resources that help us make solid decisions with ease and confidence.

A gut feeling.  Instinct.  A hunch.  Many people, call it intuition.

Intuition is one of the most powerful tools you can tap into to make professional and personal decisions you can trust.

A lot of people, forget (or don’t realize) that their intuition is one of their most powerful assets, and, as a result, neglect to apply it in daily life. Many people say they don’t even know how to access that “still small voice within.”

Most of the people I work with are naturally quite intuitive, but they haven’t cultivated it and haven’t refined it. They’re just not in the habit of utilizing it—but the ones who are know that intuition saves them lots of time and helps them make decisions with confidence.

That’s why I include developing intuition in my business mentoring programs.  In addition to the “left brain” business strategies and development, I have developed a system that gracefully takes you through steps to hone your intuition, focus it, and make it accurate and reliable so that you know you can trust it and remember to use it in crucial business situations – and in all parts of your life. It’s something you already have, but most people waste it completely and utilizing it can make a huge difference in how much energy you have left at the end of the day.

I’ve combined the best tools, techniques and strategies from brain science, psychology, and coaching to create a laser-focused, powerful and customized experience that will dramatically increase your confidence in your decisions.  It will also transform the way you think and feel about yourself.

Fact: You have a lot of decisions coming at you all day, one after another, after another – and often you have to make decisions without having enough objective information.  So, you just have to go with your gut – which may leave you feeling uneasy, unless you have really developed your intuition.

My system teaches you a simple and effective way to deal with doubts and concerns so you stay grounded and have  the confidence to handle whatever comes up, no matter what.


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