Don’t try to do it all yourself!

I’ve spent years of training and studying with awesome mentors to pull together this information for you.

While you might figure some of this out on your own (over months or years), there are tips and strategies in these programs that you would NEVER  figure out on your own.

And I want to pass them on to you, saving you money, hassle, and your irreplaceable TIME.

Private Retreat Intensive

Clear Money Issues and
See a Clear Path Before You.

“Rose has saved me lifetimes of struggling with things I would have never figured out on my own!!”

E.B.,  Communications Trainer, Visionary

This Day just for you gives you a dramatic boost in your plan of action, in your confidence, clarity, and focus.  We spend 4-5 hours looking at your business, your life, and create clear, confident steps forward.

Whether it is learning how to charge what you are worth, taking a fresh look at what you offer your clients, or how you package your programs, even experienced business owners will find value in having a second pair of eyes on their business.   At least once a year, every business owner needs to re-visit and course correct:

  • Are you meeting your goals?
  • Does the business still excite you?
  • Does it feel authentic to your life purpose?
  • Are you making a living or running an expensive hobby?

You get my personal time and attention, either by phone or Skype, or in person.  We get a lot done, with structured content, mindset shifts, and reconnecting switched off circuits in the brain.  People tell me that in addition to the specific, practical results, they feel listened to, seen, cared about.  And power boosted!!

Before we start, I will give you “pre-work” to complete and return to me, so that we can zero in on what is most important to you for the day.

A week after the VIP Day, we have a follow-up session to answer any questions.  For ongoing support  after that, we have coaching packages available.

“A major shift has occurred for me… a new paradigm has entered.. I was having all of this pent up energy, energy for change, growth etc. I feel for the first time hope for myself, new energy for creation, and the excitement of joining my two loves into one product that will be helpful to people on their journey.  Again I wanted to thank you for the time with me creating my New Business.”

G.S. Personal Coach

6 or 12 Month Private Mentoring:

Intuitive, Decisive & Prosperous Program

“I have used Rose as a performance coach for the last several years. Being someone who travels often on business and has to balance many competing business and personal priorities, Rose has been extremely effective in helping me achieve and maintain balance in my work and life. She is a godsend.

I recommend her highly.”

R.D.,  Architect

This is a private mentoring program, designed to create deep and lasting change in the areas of intuition, decision making, and your relationship with money (your ability to have more and keep more, while sharing your services with the world).

  • You’ll get clear on your ideal clients, how to effectively connect with them, and serve them successfully.
  • You’ll learn to detect and dissolve unconscious sabotage that holds you back from having a profitable business.
  • You will have a step by step business development strategy that takes the weight off your shoulders.
  • Instead of being scattered or overwhelmed, you’ll know what to do and when to do it.
  • You will learn to effectively act on the guidance that you receive.

We do a detailed Sacred Money Archetypes assessment that will illuminate your natural money gifts and challenges, and how to work with them to your best advantage.


If you’re not sure which program is right for you,  contact me, so we can talk about what results you are looking for. 

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