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Short Bio

After 2 decades as a transformational coach, a car accident brought Rose to a stark reality:  “How am I going to heal from this?” and also, “How am I going to dig out of this financial hole?
She realized she’d never learned to market her work - and neither did most of the coaches, healers, and consultants that she knew. So over the next several years she became a certified master business coach.
Now she mentors heart-centered service providers, coaches, and leaders to:
  • Create a profitable business, aligned with Life Purpose
  • Reach more of the people you are meant to serve
  • Heal your relationship with money and become financially secure
  • Work strategically, honoring your personal style
With over 30 years facilitating positive change using a transformational mind-body approach, she has helped people create a business that feeds their soul while making a difference in the world.
Rose speaks with passion, humor, and down-to-earth practicality.
To book Rose for your event, contact:   support@RoseHarrow.com

Featured On...

      Rose on Laura Longley Radio Show

      Rose on Monique Caradine Radio Show

Rose interviewed by Ruth Klein

What Audiences Say

“I appreciate Rose’s knowledge, intuition, expertise, analogies, and delightful sense of humor. Far exceeded my expectations!”  Dorothy Gray

“I love Rose’s depth and breadth of knowledge/experience and her ability to use real life examples to illustrate points. It whetted my appetite for more.”   Arlene James

“I felt she was talking about ME – my life, my story.  She gave me hope.”  (name withheld)

“Rose presents smoothly and positively.  She is a gracious leader, and creates a very safe space where transformation can happen.”  Sherry Sullivan


To book Rose for your event, contact:   support@RoseHarrow.com