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After 2 decades as a transformational coach, a car accident brought Rose to a stark reality:  “How am I going to heal from this?” and also, “How am I going to dig out of this financial hole?
She realized she’d never learned to market her work – and neither did most of the coaches, healers, and consultants that she knew. So with intensive training, she became a Certified Master Business Coach.
She mentors heart-centered service providers, coaches, and leaders to:
  • Create a profitable business, aligned with your Life Purpose
  • Reach more of the people you are meant to serve
  • Heal your relationship with money and become financially secure
  • Work strategically, honoring your personal style
With over 30 years facilitating positive change using a transformational mind-body approach, and a clear, step-by-step business development system, she helps people create a financially solid business that feeds their soul while making a difference in the world.
Rose speaks with passion, humor, and down-to-earth practicality.
To book Rose for your event, contact:   support@RoseHarrow.com

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Rose interviewed by Ruth Klein

What Audiences Say

“Far exceeded my expectations!  I appreciate Rose’s knowledge, intuition, expertise, analogies, and delightful sense of humor. ”  Dorothy Gray, Career Catalyst

“It whetted my appetite for more.  I love Rose’s depth and breadth of knowledge/experience and her ability to use real life examples to illustrate points.”   Arlene James

“I felt she was talking about ME – my life, my story.  She gave me hope.”  (name withheld)

“Rose presents smoothly and positively.  She is a gracious leader, and creates a very safe space where transformation can happen.”  Sherry Sullivan

“Rose is a compelling speaker and gifted story teller who knows how to hold a room with passion, humor and ease.”    Kendall Summerhawk, Leading Expert on Women Entrepreneurs and Money

To book Rose for your event, contact:   support@RoseHarrow.com

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